Christy needs to Blog: How many careers should a person have?

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

How many careers should a person have?

I suppose this is a question that people have to answer as individuals. I remember reading something about that the average person has something like seven different careers. I wonder if they count each job as a career? I would think not. I have done something different at each of my three jobs since college, but I wouldn't say I've had three careers so far. All three - when boiled down to their basics - are marketing and administrative support despite being for VERY different organizations. Enhance "customer" understanding of the organization and make the boss(es) happy. That's it.

Perhaps it's time for something different. But am I really going to do anything very different working for someone else? Not likely with my education and skill set. Perhaps it's time to work for myself? That's the big, scary question. Big and scary for me; big and scary for J. It takes time to make money when you are going to be your own boss and I'm not sure he's comfortable being the sole breadwinner for a while. I have goals - hopefully that will make him feel better. R - You're right. I have to have faith that the net will appear, even if I can't see it when I jump.
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