Christy needs to Blog: Tax day is a comin'

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Tax day is a comin'

I am so glad we did our taxes early this year. I'm looking forward to watching the news and seeing all the poor saps who waited until the last minute to mail - and probably do - their taxes and have to wait in the long lines at the USPS. We got a refund, which is nice even though I know that it means two things: a) we made less money last year (that's what five months of maternity leave will do to ya) and b) the goverment had a free loan from us in all of 2004. I guess I would rather have a refund and give the goverment a loan than be stuck with a big bill like last year. No one said it was free to live in a free country, I guess. By the by, TurboTax is the bomb.
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