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Friday, July 29, 2005


The boy pretended for the first time (that I have both seen and has been true pretend initiated on his own without adult encouragement)! We were driving to J's office for a little visit - I love being an at home mother - and the boy was in the back seat playing with his current favorite toy: an empty water bottle. I glance in the mirror and he is holding the bottle up to his mouth like he's drinking from it (cap firmly in place, of course), lowers it, lets out a mighty "Ahhhh" and smiles. It was magical. Now I wonder if all his "vroom, vroom" action that he does when playing with anything with wheels is pretend or just the product of several months of my mother telling him "that's what a truck says" on a daily basis. I guess it doesn't matter; it's still darn cute.
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