Christy needs to Blog: Did I mention that I'm already Christmas shopping?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Did I mention that I'm already Christmas shopping?

So I think I freaked Stolie out a little when I mentioned that I have already started Christmas shopping. I know that there are many people out there who believe that part of the Christmas experience is going to the stores and shopping while you enjoy Christmas displays rather than, you know, the huge "End of Summer Clearance" banners and early Halloween displays. It is August after all and I'm thrilled today because it wasn't yet 90 degrees at 12:15 p.m.

It's just that I really like a great deal. And many of the things I'm buying for people are the same things - or at least types of things - that I would be buying for them anyway. They just happen to be cheaper now. Of course, I have the space to buy and store things in this oversized new house - Damn, I still owe you people a photo tour, don't I? - so I can see why many of you would think me insane for buying things that I'm not going to give away for months yet.

That said, I have an online coupon that expires September 15 that I'm excited to go use for a Christmas gift for J. He occasionally reads my blog, so if you wanna know what it is, leave a comment and I'll e-mail you. Remind me to tell you about it after the holidays.
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