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Sunday, October 29, 2006

I won't wait

Alright, if I wait until I'm well-rested to finally get around to posting, it will be sometime in 2008 before I get this done. I have lots to blog about, but I need to tell you quickly about my trip and I'll be a little better at posting this week, I swear.

I traveled to Cincinnati - all by myself. While I missed my boys terribly even before I got on the plane, I have to tell you it was heaven. It was refreshing to get on an airplane with only my purse. Three hours with a book and my iPod. See what I mean about heaven?

My hotel was nice (not fantastic, but the price was right) and I was in the heart of downtown. I walked to the Bengals' Pro Shop on Saturday morning because it was so close. Downtown seemed so clean and it was sunny and lovely and so very fall-like which is a far cry from South Texas. I really wanted to go see this since I saw ads for it while I was walking downtown, but didn't have time.

The wedding was lovely in Rusty's church and it was clear that the pastor knows them personally. He knows them, but was, um, confused. He kept talking about how the aroma of coffee would always remind him of their love for one another. Except that Rusty is a manager at a coffee place now and she and her husband actually met at a Mexican place where they used to work. At least the sentiment was sweet.

The reception was perfect. Enough people to fill the room, but not so many that the bride and groom didn't get a chance to visit with everyone who was there. Very low-key and fun with visiting, dancing and wandering around the fabulous park grounds where the party was held.

Then a bunch of us headed for a favorite bar of Rusty and B's and a grand time was had by all. The drinks flowed and someone took a picture of her boobs (It wasn't me!) with a disposable camera. I love that Rusty wore her veil to the after-party and that three of the four in our group in high school could be there. The fourth had a good excuse: her doctor said she couldn't travel because her baby is due in December.

We all had a great laugh over this poster in the bar that looks like a 1930's college ad but is promoting condom use. Look here for a little better image of the poster.
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