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Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Results Show

Good job, kids, and thanks for playing! Here are the correct answers to my "The _____" themed Friday Flicks (Congrats Carrie for getting it first!). It just happens that a bunch of movies that begin with the word "The" and are only two words long are, um, a little creepy.

1. The Game. Michael Douglas as Nicholas and Sean Penn as his brother, Conrad. Points to Carrie.

2. The Shining. Danny Torrance doing the big freak out. Points to Jenn and Sarah.

3. The Matrix. Trinity to Neo to get him interested. Points to Rooney.

4. The Ring. Some chick named Becca. I'm not too sure when because I had my eyes covered for a bunch of this movie. Points to Jenn.

5. The Exorcist. Father Merrin prior to, you know, the exorcism. Points to Rooney.

6. The Others. Grace once she realizes what the heck is really going on. Points to Kelli.

7. The Omen. Robert Thorn when... well, at some point. I haven't seen this one, but one day I will get the guts. Points to Kelli.

8. The Firm. Mitch McDeere when its all come together. Points to Rooney.

9. The Crow. Sarah, the little chick, as a voice-over, I think. Points to Jenn.

10. The Village. Ivy Walker in the town before everything goes all freaky. Points to Beth.

My points breakdown is as follows:

Carrie - 6
Rooney - 5
Jenn - 4
Kelli - 4
Beth - 3
Sarah - 2
PCOSMama - 2
Kristy P - 1
Laina - 1
Loni - 1
ksl - 1
E - 1

Hope you all had a great Friday the 13th and I'll see you next week on someone else's blog for the next installment of Traveling Flicks!
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