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Thursday, October 12, 2006

This Love Thursday is dedicated to my husband

Not only is my husband letting me have a vacation to go to my friend's wedding next weekend, but he helps stranger's children as well.

Some idiot left her one- and two-year olds in her car at my husband's office so that she could go "take a test." What kind of test, I don't know, but J heard the kids crying in the parking lot. He got them out of the car and the mother was no where in sight. They called the cops and the Dirty Jerk Bitch (her new nickname; won't her mom be proud) couldn't figure out why everyone was so upset. Then she grabbed her kids and proceeded to almost run over a cop with her car in the parking lot. Nice.

So despite the fact that my wonderful husband worked more than 15 hours yesterday, he took time out of his day to help some kids he didn't know. He just knew that if it were our boy in a sad situation, he'd want someone to help. I love my hero husband.
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