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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Let the insanity begin

So, Thursday is my normal grocery shopping day. I get up and the boy and I hop in the car moments after J leaves for work. Normally, we shop leisurely with the few other customers in the store - mostly older, retired folks and mothers of small children - and are hope by about 8:45 a.m. at the very latest.

Not today. It was crazy: literally four times as many people in the store as usual, water completely gone from the shelves, diapers nearly so and not one D size battery in the store. I know that they are saying that it is possible for Hurricane Rita to still have hurricane force winds by the time it gets to San Antonio if it hit in just the right place on the Texas coast. I hate to wish my weekend away, but I will be glad when all this is over.

The good news is that after Katrina, please on the coast are actually taking the evacuation warnings seriously. As a result, there isn't a free hotel room until you get as far north as Lubbock. That is a LONG way.
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