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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


No, that is NOT an age requirement for this post. It is the number of times I have cooked dinner at home for the past month. I took a survey for soy sauce (that will remain nameless since I filled out their stinking survey and they didn't email me the code for their contest likely they said they would - so, no free advertising from me!) and I fell into the highest category for cooking meals at home. I'm sure sure if I should be proud or sad. I'm a huge supporter of meal planning and cooking at home. I think you tend to eat healthier and it sure saves on the food bills.

But is it a little sad that we eat out so little? It's just so hard with a little squirt and evening is his crabbiest time. I hate to mess with his schedule and we really enjoy the evening routine. Plus he nurses before bed (unless I've been shunned) and I'm not ready to give that up yet (notice it's "I'm" not ready, not "he's" not ready).

Or is it sad that there are actually people who fell in the "0-4" times cooked a meal at home category? I just think about the sad, sorry people whose fridge only contains a bottle of soy sauce, a jar of pickles, a chinese takeout container of what used to be rice and two bottles of beer. On second thought, maybe such a sparsley populated fridge is the key to a slimming diet...
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