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Sunday, March 19, 2006

God Bless eBay

We are eBay fans in fits and spurts. We'll go months without checking eBay for anything and then one or both of us will be hot on both buying and selling for a week or two. Tonight I am more anxious about an item that I'm trying to buy and an item that I'm trying to sell than I have been in quite some time.

You see that bear over there in the sidebar? I have been looking for one like it for, I don't know, more than six months at least. After months of e-mails from eBay alerting me to the fact that there is a auction for "Carter's Classics Bear" there was finally one for THE BEAR. I think I'm going to win and I keep refreshing the page to make sure that no one has out-bid me. This is unlikely since I am willing to pay an atrocious amount of money for it, but I have to be sure. And what better activity than to post while I wait?

The selling item is a little less urgent. You see, there was this CD that was supposed to be released last week, but do to a disagreement between the artist and record company it was recalled. Recalled after they had already been shipped to stores. That means that some were put out by mistake in a variety of retailers... We just happened to be looking for this particular item and when we found two, we decided to buy them both. One is for sale on eBay - though the auction doesn't end for a while yet - and I'm quite excited to see how much it goes for (some of these exact same items are going for more than three times the retail cost).

It's been an exciting night on eBay so far...
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