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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Only because Colleen is so cool

I've told you before that I hate memes, but Colleen was nice enough to tag me without really tagging me so I'll play.

Here are five random things about me:

1. Nearly every weekend I make veggie corn dogs with cocktail sauce (yes, the kind you are supposed to eat with shrimp) for us for lunch. Those things are awesome! They taste like real corn dogs but aren't completely terrible for you.

2. My nose - the inside - gets really dry in the winter. I use a Q-Tip to moisturize it with vaseline. J teases me that I'll know exactly what to do if I ever become a cocaine addict* and my habit dries out my nose.

3. I'm at that weird age that I'm worried about both wrinkles and pimples. I think it should be illegal to have both at the same time, though I'm really not sure which I would rather have.

4. The boy hasn't nursed since November 1, but I'm still wearing my nursing bras because I'm too cheap to buy myself some new ones. No wait. I haven't bought myself new ones because the boy freaks out in dressing rooms - I'm talking huge tears and sobs that rack his entire body. Forget the cheap thing; that sounds bad. Blame it on the kid. That's the ticket.

5. I fantasize about our new house. Have I told you that it really looks like a house now? We hope to close before the end of next month. I'll do a photo tour once we are settled. Get ready because the place is HUGE! :)

I normally don't tag people, but I'm gonna tag Elaine because I think I know her well and I'm curious what she would write. Anyone else wanna play?

* Yeah. That sooooo isn't ever gonna happen and he knows it. That's why it's okay to joke about it.
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