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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Theory

So Elaine posted this really interesting question on Ravenous Readers that I thought would make an interesting post.

You see, I have a theory.

While I appear in most respects to be a positive and optimistic person, I worry. A lot. About things that probably would never happen. But I think that I can make the bad things not happen. Yes, I have magical powers. You cannot prove otherwise.

My theory goes something like this:

The unexpected woes in life are those that hurt the most. The unforeseen accidents or otherwise uncomfortable situations are the ones that we remember most regretfully, and frankly, I hate regretting anything in my life. So, if I can imagine terrible problems, life-altering confrontations or devastating accidents one of two things will happen:

1) Said situation won't happen. If I can imagine it, it won't happen because it's the things you can't imagine that cause the most problems. The tornado that we're afraid is going to suck us up and spit us out in the ghetto of Oz - yeah, that ain't gonna happen. In a strange and twisted way, I feel like I actually prevented the situation because I imagined it. It's just something I do to keep my friends and family safe. A public service, if you will. No, you don't have to thank me.

2) If the situation happens (this is rare, by the way), I'm mentally and emotionally prepared about how to handle it. I've gotten my "freak out" over with long ago and I can handle whatever situation calmly. This was how I justified watching all of those really scary pregnancy shows on Discovery Health Channel when I was pregnant. I was just preparing myself for what might happen so I could wow J, my family and the hospital staff - in it's entirety, of course - with my stoic and brave reaction to the day's events. Of course, nothing awful happened so Option 1 prevailed.

So, you see, I have a few quirks. Do you have any crazy theories, silly habits or superstitious tendencies? I'd love to hear I'm not alone.
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