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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Almost there and swimming

Well, closing went fine on the house. We own it and that is a wonderful thing. The interior painting is about 80% done and we hope to have all painting done by sometime on Thursday. Monday the movers come and I can't wait to live in the quiet 'burbs again.

Sunday evening, after a long day of work at the house and a high temperature of something like 95 degrees (Seriously!), we decided to take a dip in the apartment complex's pool. The water was chilly, but it was so fun. It took the boy a while to get in and enjoy, but once he did, it was hard to drag him away. I finally told J that it was time to go - the boy was shivering and his lips were a little blue. We got out of the water and the boy shouted "More! More! Please more!" Only the promise of a warm bath - i.e. MORE WATER TIME - would calm him.

We did take some pictures of the boy's first time in a big pool (Us? Taking pictures? Shocked, aren't you.):

His swimming outfit is SO CUTE:
He was all ready to get in on his own until he realized how cool the water was:
He preferred it when his daddy held him - it looks like a smile but it was really the beginning of a whine:
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