Christy needs to Blog: I'm still alive, but I'm boring.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm still alive, but I'm boring.

So unpacking is going very well. I would say we are about 90% there and I'm hopeful that by this weekend we can spend some time decorating. That will make it feel so much more like home to us.

The boy is doing okay. He's having a bit of a hard time adjusting to the move and isn't sleeping as well as he was. It's hard on us both. So yesterday we went to the Children's Museum in a nearby town to play for a couple hours and ended up joining it was so fun. Tons of play areas and a bunch of other kids makes for a really fun day so I think we will be frequent visitors. Next time I'll think ahead and take the camera.

I'm taking a little "me" time right now and as soon as the boy went down for his nap, I started "Alfie" with Jude Law on the free on-demand channels on cable - the digital cable is pretty cool when it works properly - and it is terrible. A really bad movie. At least it's free.

I'm unbelievably excited that a TV stand that we put out for the trash was picked up by someone. There wasn't really anything wrong with it other than the fact that we didn't have a place for it and it didn't fit in our cars without some significant re-arrangement. I was sad to put it out with the trash, but too lazy to take it to Good Will. I'm glad it has found a new home. And I feel much less guilty now...

Anyway, I told you things were a little on the boring side right now. I'm sure I'll have something a little more interesting to tell you in the near future. Take care, darlings!
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