Christy needs to Blog: "Not Again!" or "Excuse me while I whine"

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

"Not Again!" or "Excuse me while I whine"

Our little neighbor came over for a couple hours this afternoon while her mommy went to the doctor. The boy and the little girl - let's call her Ring-a-ding, shall we? - have a tumultuous but overall friendly relationship and Ring-a-ding's mom and I have become fast friends. But the boy isn't quite as good playing when we are at our house. He's a little territorial over his toys and it can be hard on him to have to share me when Ring-a-ding's mom isn't around. This, coupled with gas caused by the beans he had for lunch yesterday, was what I thought was causing his irritated and clingy behavior this afternoon.

Then I took his temperature. 102.4. Holy hell. Not again.
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