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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Leo Russell “Russ” Keene III

A husband. A father. A son. A grandson. A son-in-law. A brother. A brother-in-law. A nephew. A cousin. A Wall Street analysis. A friend. A victim of the terror attacks on the World Trade Center towers five years ago. But let’s not remember him for that last one. Let’s remember him for the way he lived, rather than the way he died.

Russ, just 33 in September 2001, was a man who followed who followed his dreams. A University of Tampa alumnus and brother of Pi Kappa Phi, he made many friends and touched countless lives. By the way people who worked with him talk about him on this tribute page, I can’t imagine that Russ didn’t love the work he did for KBW. He was not only respected for through research, but also well liked for his friendly and pleasant attitude.

Family and friends seem not to be able to express just how dear Russ was to them. A true and gentle heart, he had a smile for everyone that would light up a room. He was a loving husband to his wife, Kristen. His little girl, Mazalee, was just two on that fateful day. While she might not remember much about her father, a man with so many wonderful qualities had to have given her the most beautiful start in life.

You can read Russ’ obituary here. Russ’ parents have worked with the American Red Cross to set up a fund to honor his life. You can read more about this fund here.

Russ, you must have been a human being worth knowing. So many people loved you and love you still. I pledge to you on this sad day: I will never forget.

This post is a part of the 2,996 Project. Others who are participating are Sanity Now!, Holding the Mirror up to My Soul and Green Apple Martini. If you participated in this project, knew Russ Keene, knew someone else injured or killed in the attacks or simply have something you want to say, please feel free to leave a comment.
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