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Monday, September 04, 2006

The Six Hundred Dollar Cat

The poor kitty needed to be fixed. And de-clawed*. Gandalf went in Thursday, came home Friday and all seemed to be well. He was understandably sore and sleepy, but over all seemed to be himself. Saturday he was a little more tired and didn't use his box that much. No big deal, right? I mean, he did just have surgery and probably the really "good" painkillers from the vet just wore off. Sunday he still wasn't eating, drinking or using his box. He was also breathing in shallow little breaths and was extremely lethargic. Damn.

So I called a couple places and ended up taking him to the Pet Emergency Room. They examined him with great care and empathy and took x-rays and I ended up leaving him for breathing treatments and monitoring overnight. Today he's better and I was able to bring him home. He'll eat only a little wet food, but seems to be a little more responsive and is moving around a bit more. At least I'm not afraid to go to bed tonight fearing that I will find my sweet little furry family member as a um, former family member when I wake in the morning.

So, let's see... Add that... Carry the two... Yes, that's over $600 spent on our wee little love in the past five days and he has at least two more doctor visits in the next three weeks. He better live a long time, and not just because I spent the money on him but because we love him.

*Please don't write me hate mail how this is cruel and unnecessary if I provide him the proper outlets. I have had cats. They have destroyed furniture. I have scars from a cats I was holding how got startled in my arms and it looks like I botched a suicide attempt. I will not have a cat with claws who might harm my child, even accidentally. I will provide my cat a comfortable home complete with nourishment for the body and soul and - apparently - extensive health care if he is claw-free. It's the price of admission.
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