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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's what's for dinner!*

If you ask the boy what he had for dinner, he will ponder your question for a moment and then thoughtfully answer "Lunch." If you ask him if he would like breakfast, he says sweetly "No. Lunch." If you ask him if he would like a sandwich or chicken nuggets for lunch, he replies - you guessed it - "Lunch."

So apparently lunch is what's for dinner.


Yesterday, the boy and I "helped" J leave for work - read: the boy pretends to drive while J backs the car out of the garage - and then I got the nail scissors out of the cabinet to trim the boy's nails quickly. He starts asking for "cold soup." Huh? Vichyssoise? Gazpacho?

He was asking for the kazoo he saw in the cabinet. All day he talked about "cold soup." I corrected his pronunciation and very time I did he got a big smile on his face and said "That's right!" in the same tone that implied "Good job, Mommy! You almost got it right!"


A couple of months ago I got a toy wheelbarrow on clearance for the boy to play with outside. He loves to tell me about it before he's going to play with it. He says "wee-bade-o" and I won't let J correct his pronunciation on that because it is so dang cute when he says it.

*You know, like the whole ad campaign for beef? Never mind.
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