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Monday, September 25, 2006

A date

For the first time since I literally can't remember when, J and I went on a date. The boy had the sniffles on Saturday and they were calling for thunderstorms, but for heaven's sake, we were going!

The boy slept fine, but the babysitter called while we were at the restaurant. I had thought to put fresh batteries in a flashlight for her before we left - the boy was just being put to bed when she got there - but she was FREAKED out by the storms that were much heavier than predicted. She wanted to know where the candles were and I helped her find them and we proceeded to have the BEST sushi dinner that we have had in more than two years.

Our poor Babysitter is almost 13 years old - which is why the boy is in bed before we leave - and I forget with all of her mature talk that she is just a child herself. But, for the love of sushi, we were going out for that meal.

I'm sucked into this Dean Koontz book and am afraid I won't be able to write a proper post until I have devoured the entire 729 pages. I'll have something more fun to say soon.
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