Christy needs to Blog: It's not made of natural fibers, but I don't care

Friday, November 03, 2006

It's not made of natural fibers, but I don't care

I have this fantastic sweater. It's navy blue on the back, arms and neckline and has an argile pattern in navy, red and gray on the front. Comfy and cute, I think this sweater is the best 65 cents I've ever spent.

That's right. I bought this sweater at a thrift store when I was in high school - I was a big fan of the grunge look in the early 90's because I was able to dress not only cheap but be cool, too. I was looking at it today as I wore it on a day that was god's-honest truth chilly in the morning and wondered in the fact that it has neither pilled nor faded in the 12 or so years that I have had it. I looked at the tag to find the manufacturer (Barnaby) and see what wonderfully sturdy fibers my beloved sweater was woven from. 92% Acrylic. 8% Nylon.

Well, I guess I know what I will wear in the event of a nuclear fall-out.
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