Christy needs to Blog: I thought I was done

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I thought I was done

I thought I was done with the hard part of breastfeeding. The engorgment, sore nipples, wide and varied mood swings - I knew that these were coming in the beginning, just after the boy's birth. Well, my nipples aren't sore, but I have felt very icky a couple of days while my body figured out it is supposed to make less milk now and I was reduced to a blubbering idiot last night from the mood swings. One moment I am on top of the world - happy as a clam to be a mother and have the chance to stay home. The next I'm filled with anger and frustration about nearly everything in my life.

Why doesn't anyone tell you this stuff? Perhaps it isn't like this for most people; maybe I'm unusual. Oh well, it wouldn't change anything. It wouldn't keep me from nursing my baby for this long. Now that I know that I will be, well, uneven for a while at least plan for it and try to keep a level head.
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