Christy needs to Blog: I've been shunned

Sunday, August 28, 2005

I've been shunned

When I started weaning the boy, I thought that I would be the one taking nursings away. I'd come up with all kinds of fun activities to entertain him so that he wouldn't be totally heartbroken over the feeding that I was taking away. While he would miss the closeness of nursing, he would enjoy time with his mama.

What, exactly, in his entire life made me thing I was ever in control of this relationship? Though I try diligently to make him think I'm the boss, secretly I know that he holds all the high cards and I'm bluffing it out with a pair of twos.

He refused me twice out of the three times I wanted him to nurse today. Cried like I was sticking him with pins if I offered him a nipple. Turns out I am the one who needs alternate activities so I don't cry about missed nursings.

Perhaps he will return to a normal nursing schedule within a few days. He had a fever yesterday and this morning and was feeling decidedly poor. He had shots at his well baby visit a little over a week ago and they warned me that this might happen. At least he won't ever have a full-blown case of measles, mums or chicken pox.
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