Christy needs to Blog: Adventures in Babyfooding

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Adventures in Babyfooding

Delaney's Mama came over today and we made baby food both for my boy and her dear girl. It was busy and fun and nice to visit. The boy was very sweet with the little chick and even gave her one of his sweet little head "hugs" (he lays his head on whatever body part is close - he prefers a chest if he can get to it, but legs and arms will do) that he has started doing lately. He is such a joy in my life and even though the only times I sat down between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. today was to feed him, it was worth the aching feet and tired back.

I'm very proud of Delaney's Mama. She is - and she is the first to admit it - not a wiz in the kitchen and yet here she is, at my home in a hot kitchen, making food for her baby. It seems that she'll continue to do this as she feels comfortable introducing new foods to her baby. There is nothing wrong with Gerber, but it is pure joy to know that I have made - in one sense of the word or another - made the vast majority of the food that my child has eaten in his life. He's darn healthy, so I must be doing okay. :)
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