Christy needs to Blog: Would Paris Hilton <i>stay</i> in a Hilton?

Friday, September 23, 2005

Would Paris Hilton stay in a Hilton?

So I'm using up the sample and travel sized shampoo that has been sitting in the cabinet for quite some time. I realized that when we travel it is either to see family or stay in a hotel. The family always stocks the guest bathroom with shampoo and conditioner (my MIL usually asks what we currently like to use before we go up there - it's actually quite sweet) and I am not staying in any hotel that does not provide me some sort hair-care ever again. I had quite enough of the $18.99 a night motels on road trips when I was a kid, thank you very much. That being said, do I need travel sized items? If I did need such an item away from home, would it really be all that hard to find?

The conditioner du jour was from a - you guessed it - Hilton Hotel. I don't remember what trip we picked that up on - I think it might have been a trip to Florida after a Prince concert in Houston, but I can't be sure. It got me wondering: Would Paris Hilton stay in a Hilton and use the provided toiletries? Likely she would be provided much nicer toiletries than the average hotel customer. My guess is that Neutrogena has never touched her delicate scalp.
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