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Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Meme Revealed

Do you know me too well or are you just too good at this game? Most of you were correct. Read on:

1. I love ice dancing. Watching, not doing. I should be more clear, huh? I would so fall on my ass.
False. I despise ice dance and male ice-skating. I can appreciate that some people do like it, but me, not so much.

2. Despite the fact that both J and I are big fans, I have never been to a Prince concert. *sigh*
False. We've been to five concerts and one after-show. He's the freakin' best. Seriously, it is so worth the money to get the really good seats for his shows.

3. I take baths rather than showers three times a week.
False. Once a week max is all I can fit in. A girl has to shave sometime, doesn't she?

4. I have six holes in my ears (three in each side) and I pierced three of these myself with only a needle and no form of pain control (not even ice to numb it!).
True. What? It didn't really hurt. And just think of all the pretty jewelry I can wear (and some of the pretty jewelry came before some of the extra piercings. I'm a sucker for a diamond...).

5. I had a bit part in commercial for a local car dealership when I was in college. I got paid something like $150 and spend it on the most expensive pair of shoes I have ever owned.
False. This is almost an entire fabrication. I knew a girl in college who had a bit part in a car commercial, but it wasn't me. The most expensive shoes I've ever owned were my $120 9-hole Doc Martin's that I bought in high school. I loved them and that is the only way I could justify the money I spend on them. Hey, it was the early 90's and that was the in thing for both girls and guys. I was very lucky that grunge was in when I was in high school. I couldn't afford preppy.

So I know I'm posting this early, but you are just gonna have to get over that. It is cold here for only about the third time this entire winter and we will be busy trying to figure out what to do with the boy since we can't go to the park and wear him out there. I have a feeling we will be at the mall "window shopping" - a.k.a. chasing the kid in and out of about of every. stinking. store. in the place.
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