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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Well, we're okay

The neighbors upstairs suck - still - but it isn't quite as bad as before. We think that they have been served with papers letting them know that the complex is moving forward with an eviction through the courts and, no, it isn't all because of our complaints. These numbnuts have been causing trouble all over the complex - speeding, littering their cigarette butts all over the place, mooning one another in the club house - you know, mature stuff. Well, they have been pretty quiet at night and that's what we really wanted anyway so I really don't care if they live there just as long as they shut the hell up and keep their butts out of my line of sight. Thanks for all your good vibes; I think they are working.

Other than a night spent at my parent's house, things have been calm and uneventful. Valentine's was nice. J got me these earrings and I got him some dark chocolates, a sweet little scrap book I made in lieu of a card, a bottle of Champaign and some wine glasses since all of ours are packed and I'm sick of drinking it out of tea glasses:

We're a classy couple, aren't we?

Lastly, I have been tagged with a f-ing meme - I HATE memes - but I feel that I have to do it, because, well, I like Susan. Plus I have to do it in a way that some simple fact checking can't blow it for me. That's how I got tagged with this bitch in the first place. So, hear goes:

Meme Directions:
Write five things about yourself with only ONE of them being true. The other four are fiction, and everyone else gets to guess which one is not fiction.

1. I love ice dancing. Watching, not doing. I should be more clear, huh? I would so fall on my ass.

2. Despite the fact that both J and I are big fans, I have never been to a Prince concert. *sigh*

3. I take baths rather than showers three times a week.

4. I have six holes in my ears (three in each side) and I pierced three of these myself with only a needle and no form of pain control (not even ice to numb it!).

5. I had a bit part in commercial for a local car dealership when I was in college. I got paid something like $150 and spend it on the most expensive pair of shoes I have ever owned.

So, guess. Which is true? I'll post sometime Saturday with the answers. I know you people are looking at this site (thanks to this free and cool site StatCounter) especially on Fridays, so de-lurk and guess! And if you wanna play on your own site, that would be really fun - just tell we you're doing it - but I'm not tagging anyone.
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