Christy needs to Blog: And we have a diagnosis

Thursday, May 18, 2006

And we have a diagnosis

We took the boy to the doctor this morning since he woke up with a fever again today. I was worried and hoped, strangely, for some sort of infection that would require antibiotics. At least then I would be sure that he would be feeling better soon. But I bet that Colleen can guess what the doctor said. That's right, a virus. Roseola to be exact. It sounds like it ought to have extra pink nipples as a side effect, but not so. Nothing serious - a fever with a non-itchy rash to follow - but enough to put the boy in a bad mood. At least he's been taking some monster naps, so I have a break from his irritableness.

If it actually is the virus that the doctor thinks it is, I'll post pictures of his rash when it arrives. Only because I've heard that it makes kids look pretty funny; not because I'm trying to subject you to anything icky. I'm not the fake doctor, after all.
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