Christy needs to Blog: Why didn't I get tissues <i>and</i> I'm a horrible parent

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Why didn't I get tissues and I'm a horrible parent

I knew I should have gotten tissues at the grocery on Friday. I though "tissues would be good to have" and decided that Charmin would work just fine.

Then the boy coughed.

Then the sneezing started.

That sweet little dent above his lip and below his nose started to glisten about 5:30 yesterday afternoon.

I hate it when my kid has a cold. Poor dear. And I mean me. He is totally fine. Seems to feel good and is playing great, just a little more sensitive than usual. I, on the other hand, have to chase a two-year old leaking from both nose and mouth trying to limit the damage caused by him sliming toys and furniture all over the house. At least if my kid is sick, I should get the longer naps and marathon snuggling sessions that the boy is normally too busy for, right? I'm glad for him that he feels okay, but I almost wish for me that he felt just a little less okay.

See, I told you: horrible parent.
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