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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The boy's room

The boy has a very cute room. Very much a room for a boy rather than the room for a baby that he had in our other house. E asked before if there was a room painted like the boy's room in the other house and the answer is no. Nothing so ambitious - yet. I think I will need to be ready for another baby to get quite that inspired again.

Here is the boy's bed. I'm thrilled that he's still sleeping in a crib and plan to keep him there as long as possible. He likes the stars overhead quite a bit:

The closet door, a lamp, his changing table (that we do still use). Nothing exciting here:

The boy's blue wall. We really loved this blue, but it would have been too much of a good thing to do the whole room this color:

His name is in white letters on this wall, but I opted to Photoshop them out. I had planned on leaving it since the name wouldn't have been searchable and I don't want the boy's name on this blog because I don't want anyone teasing him when he's older about something I wrote on this blog. Then I remembered about this photo recognition software and decided it might not be a good idea to leave it in the photo.


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