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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Smelling pretty

Our master bath is a place to wash away the stress of the day. I'm generally not a fan of big bathrooms as there are other places I would rather have my square-footage, but I really love that our bath is a little spacious. J and I can both be in there and we don't get in one another's way.

A separate tub and shower. I wanted to go with the whirlpool jets, but couldn't justify the extra $750 on something that was just gonna leak or break on us down the line. *sigh*:

Our dual-height double vanity and the mirror we are gonna have ripped out and replaced with framed mirrors:

Where the action really happens. I'm glad it has it's own door:

Hopefully, I'll come up with the mental capacity to tell you all the things we have been up to lately. J has been off since the Friday before Thanksgiving and nearly every day has been busy in a fun way. Right now I have to go try and make a repair to J's car - no, no accidents and no, I can't fix cars; the repair is purely cosmetic.


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