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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I hate to complain...

So I really hate talking about the weather. It makes me feel old - like I can't come up with anything better to talk to the person about - and it always seems like one is either bragging or complaining about it. I live in South-Central Texas; it is bound to be hot so I shouldn’t complain.

That said, I just have to bitch a little about the weather. For the love of Pete, Fall started last week but we are just now daily having highs in the triple digits. It was 107 degrees at my house yesterday. 1-0-7. With my air set at 81 it still ran almost constantly all day long. Even the mornings, with lows in the upper seventies, are miserable because of the extremely high humidity. I don't dare take the boy out in the heat; even if we go to an air-conditioned place, the car is too stinking hot from sitting in the sun when we are ready to leave.

There must be someone I write a strongly-worded letter to that can help me out with this problem:

Dear God,

Thanks for all the lovely blessings; I truly appreciate them. I have been a satisfied customer for almost 29 years, but recently have found the service plan provided with the weather at my home has been below the standards to which I have become accustomed...

Blasphemy probably isn't a good way to get this situation corrected. I guess I'll just have to wait it out.
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