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Sunday, November 20, 2005

And the Reds bring relief...

The boy has a pretty good vocabulary for a 16-month old. Boys on average have a 30-word vocabulary at 16 months. As far as we can tell, our little man has between 40 and 50 words in his repertoire (closer to the average girl at this age rather than the average boy) and understands just about everything you say to him.

Many of the "words" he can say are pronounced, well, poorly. We know what he's trying to say and he will say the same thing over and over in reference to an item, an adjective, a game, whatever. I used to, in my pre-baby days, wonder how parents could be sure what the kid was saying and suspected that they were just attributing words to their child to make them seem smarter. I take back all these negative thoughts.

That said, here are the funniest things that the boy mispronounces:

The real word:What he says:
rooster sounds (cock-a-doodle-doo)coke-a
cow sounds (moo)moof
frog sounds (ribbit)bit!
And the very best one:

Get it? Commie is a Communist? The Communists are the Reds? They don't really bring relief... Oh, forget it! :)
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