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Thursday, November 03, 2005


My in-laws left Monday and I'm happy to report that we had a wonderful visit. My MIL found only one thing regarding the cleanness of the house that she had to point out (dusty lightbulbs in the bathrooms). We went places, we stayed home some, we took loads of pictures. I would call it a successful visit.

In other news, the house is on the market and I wait by the phone for the service to call and tell me that someone is coming to look at my house in 30 minutes. I'm trying to save errands and trips to the park for these times, but that isn't always possible so we get out of their way as best we can. Hopefully, this frantic cleaning and get-out-of-the-frigging-house won't last too long - even if that means moving twice. Que sara sara and all that.
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