Christy needs to Blog: Ooooh, look at the pretty light!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ooooh, look at the pretty light!

J and I were lying in bed last night getting ready to drift off to dreamland. J went to put on his BreatheRight and suddenly and excitedly said "Christy, roll over and look at this." I complied and asked what exactly I was supposed to be looking at. "Just watch this." He grabs the two tabs of the BreatheRight wrapper and gently pulls them apart. In the dark room, there was light where the paper was separating. It was, I have to say, really cool.

Then I had to know if Band-Aid wrappers did the same thing and, by gosh, they do. Apparently, it's electric discharge; a bunch of tiny sparks. It's good for some cheap thrills on a Saturday night.
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