Christy needs to Blog: Just when I think I'm grounded, I get this in the mail

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Just when I think I'm grounded, I get this in the mail

I read this article and I scoff that the consumerism and rampant materialize of people - particularly young people - in today's society. A $250 pair of jeans? For a 14 year-old? Really? My wedding dress didn't cost that much.

And just when I think I'm all grounded and above all that materialism and yes, I like my things, but they are, after all, just things I get this catalog in the mail.

Chiasso is both the joy and the bain of my existence right now.

It's an expensive home accessories catalog with seriously something on each and every single page that I covet in a way that makes me want to go to confession and I'm not even Catholic.

Take this clock for example. $218 and all it really does is look pretty. If I really want to know the time, I have about six digital clocks in my living room and kitchen that I can look at. But isn't it pretty? I haven't been this excited about clocks in quite sometime.

And this artwork? Less useful and even more pretty. And more expensive. And even less likely to happen.

These vases are so great. And on SALE! Alas, I haven't got anywhere that needs a vase like this and my rule is that if I can't think of where it will go, I can't buy it. Damn.

I am so disappointed in my own materialism I could cry. Don't you think this bowl would be perfect to catch the tears?
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