Christy needs to Blog: Bonus post: searching fun (or perverts. whatever.)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bonus post: searching fun (or perverts. whatever.)

Kelli did one of these fun "what are people searching for and finding my blog" kinds of posts and I thought it would be fun to do one, too. Here's what perverts people have been searching for and finding yours truely.

1. nursemaid's elbow blog
I really hope no one has an entire blog about this.

2. christy's boobs
No, I won't show you! Even if you show me yours!

3. the most expensive bottle of champaign
I don't know what that is. Cristal maybe?

4. greg wiggle sick
Sorry, Tertia broke that story a while ago.

5. brendan lee from the crow quotes
Anyone ever heard of IMDB?

6. mamas got her boobs out
Not anymore. We weaned a year ago.
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