Christy needs to Blog: The someday play room

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The someday play room

Sorry I missed yeasterday. I organized the pantry in the afternoon and was busy visiting with my neighbor last night, so I missed. But, on with the show, kids.

Here is our front room. Someday we will get rid of the big furniture and it will become a play room - as it is, there is no room to play. Especially with the dang Cozy Coupe and his tricycle in the room! In the (hopefully) distant future it can become a bedroom for one of my parents, should they need it.

This is a view from the double doors (good if one of my parents were to need a hospital bed). The window in this room is the one that you saw on the front of the house.

This is a view from the corner of the room. The double doors are to the right and that's a closet door you see.

No, I will not show you the insides of my closets. They are mostly roomy, but not pretty. The only way you are going to see the inside of a closet is if I take before and after pictures when I re-organize. So there.

Want a preview of what's coming? It's not as straight forward as it looks...


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