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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Everything including the kitchen sink

We had a lovely Christmas. And for all that I was impatient for it, it came and went all too fast. Santa brought the boy "Cars: The Movie" just as he asked and he got tons of train related stuff to fuel his current obsession. The boy has asked to "open presents, please" all week but has been so good when I explained to him that there were no more presents to open.

I gave J a "desk" for his recliner - it's actually a 34" x 12" x 1" board sanded smooth and stained. But I did it! I went to a hardware store and got the wood cut to the right size. I had someone help me choose the stain and recommend a grade of sandpaper. Then I sanded and stained, without the help of my dad or anyone else. J was thrilled. Between that and a photo canvas I made for him, he was well pleased with his gifts.

I got great new numbers for the house and a cool wind chime like thing that doesn't make any noise. Fun but tiring time.

And then I went had a stinking birthday. I turned 30 *sob* yesterday. It's not so bad, really, but I hate that number. I'll remember that number. Not like when I was 28 and had trouble remembering if I was 27 or 28. At least I got a really great gift. I get to pick out a brand new kitchen sink and have it installed. Sweet.

Pics will come later. We haven't gotten them off the camera yet and I need to have J wipe my computer clean for me as it has been acting weird.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Did you get or do anything particularly fun?
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