Christy needs to Blog: Goodness, I didn't realize it has been so long

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Goodness, I didn't realize it has been so long

Howdy kids! Didn't mean to be gone so long; the days have just slipped by! We are trying to get out a bit more since the weather is nice, so there have been lots of playdates and outings filling our days and once the evening rolls around, I just wanna spend a few lovely minutes with my work-a-holic husband.

Thanks for letting me know what you would like to see for your futures! It's so nice to see what I know about many of you from your blogs condensed into one sentence. I think I'll pay a little homage to each of you who commented.

pcosmama: I do know what you are hoping for and I'm looking forward to hearing about your perfectly normal ultrasound that you are gonna have May 2.

Linda: I am so excited that you are going to go to New York again! I know that it is a big expense, but the two of you don't vacation much and this is a great way to combine business and a fun trip for the two of you. I can just see a happy couple registering for their wedding and deciding china with your wildflowers on them are perfect! For any of you not familiar with Linda's work, you are missing out. She is so talented and you can see her online gallery here.

Flea: Thanks for the hugs. Have I told you how proud I am of all the brave dating you have been doing? Well, I am. :)

Rusty: I didn't know you were ready for kids already! Might I suggest you start with just one and then move on to "babies"? Hey, e-mail me and let me know when is a good time to give you a call. I haven't talked to my Rusty-friend in far too long.

FBC: I'm so proud of so many of my friends! I know that the right job will come along and I admire that you are holding out for the right thing. It's out there and I know you are gonna find it. You are so capable, any business would be lucky to have you.

Aphrodite: I didn't know you were job hunting. I hope that you have lots of opportunites up in the great white north!

groovinmama: I do want my kids to have lots in common growing up. It isn't very fair to have them so far apart they they never enjoy each other's company. Thanks for your perspective!

Pegs: You are so right when you say that God is in control. He's letting me do things according to my plan right now because that's what his plan is for me. Good luck with your conception plans. God will send you your angel when the time is right, but He loves to help us when we help ourselves! I know a great book that you can read that will help in that area. Let me know if you would like the name and author.

So, Linda, you were right. Your comments didn't really take my mind off the "when" of adding to our family, but it sure was nice to hear from you all.

With that, I'll leave you with a picture of my boy that makes my heart melt and makes me long for our next child.

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