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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The sick, the potty mouth and the torture

Sorry that I have been away so long. I didn't mean to be and then I felt like I had to come back with something witty or touching. Oh well. I figure I just need to jump back in, witty or not.

The Sick
I have battling a sinus infection for almost three weeks. I thought I could make it go away by treating the symptoms, but no such luck. The doctor gave me antibiotics to take for two weeks. When I was close to being done with the treatment, the boy caught a cold. Then I caught his cold - so nice of him to share! - and the sinus infection took the opportunity to latch back on and hunker down in my head again. So, more antibiotics and add to that a decongestant, allergy medication and an $86 bottle of Rx cough syrup. Finally feeling like a human being and not a body with a balloon for a head anymore.

The Potty Mouth
We are slowly starting the process of potty training the boy. This involves the age old method of bribery for us. I know that many people say that learning a new skills should be all the reward a potty training child needs, but we are tired of wiping poop off of the boy's bottom. So, if he poops in the potty, he gets a new train for his Thomas the Tank Engine collection. To help him realize when he needs to go, we talk about it. All. the. time. And little brings him joy like showing a train to someone and telling them "This is Mavis. Got for poop on the potty!"

I guess as long as he is happy and learning, my occasional mortification is worth it.

The Torture
J and the boy sing "The Muppet Show" theme song together. Part of it goes something like this:

J: Why do we al...

The boy: ways come here

J: I guess we'll

The boy: neva know!

J: It's like a

The boy: kinda torture!

J: To have ta

The boy: watch the show!

We love that the part about torture is his favorite part.

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