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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A birthday gift fulfilled

My new sink was installed last night. My cast iron beauty was installed by a wonderful professional. It took him three hours, and I can only imagine that I would have been out a kitchen sink for at least a weekend if we had tried to do it ourselves. So. I have before and after photos for you.

The old sink:

Incidentally, while shopping for our new sink, we saw this sink in Home Depot. For $33. $33. If you pay $33 for it at Home Depot, I would think that the builder paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $6 to $10 for the same thing. No wonder I hated it.

Here is specifically why I hated it:

I am seriously not hard on my sink. I'm generally careful and use only appropriate cleaners. And it was all scratched to hell in less than 10 months.

Holy crap! No sink!

And the sink that's two inches deeper and makes my entire kitchen look bigger:


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