Christy needs to Blog: So am I the only girl who doesn't smell like flowers?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So am I the only girl who doesn't smell like flowers?

One nice thing about being pregnant is the sense of community among the, um, afflicted. Gestators and those recently relieved of the condition readily dole out stories about strange physical behaviors of a body that is no longer controlled by our sentient brain. We also understand the financial burden of a wardrobe of elastic waistband pants can be substantial. Maternity clothes get passed from woman to woman - at least in my neck of the woods - with little regard for who is getting what clothes and how they will be returned. Most of the people who have shared something with me have recently finished their final (planned) pregnancy and only care that the clothing that they no longer need will be passed on to a deserving soul when it has served its purpose.

Two lovely ladies, pcosmama and a lovely lady from playgroup, have bequested maternity clothing of some sort to me. It is generous and thoughtful, the very sort of thing that saves me not only money but a trip to the store where I have to try on clothing when I'm feeling rotund. Here's the thing: both sets of clothes have smelt like flowers. It's a lovely scent, but I can't wear it all day when pregnant and my skin can't take any sort of fabric softener with scent ever. I washed the clothes and it's all good. The only thing that is weird is that I know that pcosmama uses the same kind of detergent and fabric softener sheets that I do and my clothes don't smell like a florist shop. Maybe I am the only girl that doesn't smell like flowers.

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