Christy needs to Blog: Perfection

Friday, June 15, 2007


I know that no one is perfect. Our bodies are inherently flawed and our learned behavior is only as good as that of our teachers and our own understanding of their instruction. That said, I think that each of us is perfect in our own way.

I read this post over at (This) Girl's Gone Child the other day and it got me thinking about a theory of perfection that I have been mulling over since high school.

While we are all in need of improvement - body, mind or soul - each person is their own form of perfection. They are perfect in the fact that they can never be exactly duplicated. An imitator can never perfectly be whom they wish to imitate, for at the heart of what we truly are, no one - save God - can ever really know of us. Cellular nuances that cannot be duplicated by modern science; mannerisms that can be copied but the actual motivation behind them unable to be fully known by another person; our deepest and truest thoughts that even the most eloquent person finds impossible to voice in a way that can convey the actual meaning and emotion. These individualities and flaws - our very imperfections - are what make us perfectly unique.

Though we change and grow, we are perfect each and every day. GGC has recognized this in her son who, at two years old, still doesn't speak at all. He is not only perfectly unique in his own right, but is perfectly his mother's son. I find it truly amazing and freeing to think that I can be perfection to someone else and that others can be perfection to me. J is my perfect husband. The boy is my perfect first child. I hope for them I can be the wife and mother they need me to be. In this case, "good enough" seems to equal perfection. Cool.


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