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Monday, October 08, 2007

My poor child

The Boy had a really rough night after about 6 p.m. We had made a run to W@l-Mart and were getting bags out of the back of the car. The Boy climbed into the back hatch of the PT Cruiser and when he got out to come in the house, he burned his leg on the muffler. J couldn't figure out when was wrong and was more upset than the boy when I suggested the possible (and is seems the only reasonable) explanation.

We treated the wound and had dinner. The Boy rode his bike and looked for the frogs that are plentiful in our neighborhood in the evenings right now and then we came in to eat fresh-baked cookies and play while Sundy Night Football played in the background. Seems like a nice way to end the weekend, right? If only it had ended then.

My child decided that he wanted to take his train tracks off the coffee table before he went to take a bath. He then proceeded to smack his head into the edge of the table hard enough to give him a half-inch long gash close to his temple. Good times, let me tell you, especialy right before bed. I ran back to W@l-Mart to get liquid bandage while J gave the boy a bath.

Today the Boy is fine. He wore a Thomas the Tank Engine bandage on his face all day and it looks so much better. At least he didn't wake up with a black eye. Thank goodness for small favors.

Kelli asked for some photos of crochet projects. Here are some higlights:

Dad's birthday gift, a neck pillow:

A monkey for my monkey of a nephew:

A shawl for Mom's birthday:

A Christmas gift (see a pattern of gifts developing?):

The cutest bear ever:

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