Christy needs to Blog: What a lovely weekend

Sunday, October 02, 2005

What a lovely weekend

We had the loveliest weekend. J took Friday off so we could go pick out the gazillion things for the house that need a decision and, since my parents were babysitting the boy, we went out for a grown-ups only lunch. It was lovely and we even stopped for ice cream afterwards! The rest of the weekend was filled with nice weather (highs only in the very low 90s - it felt great after last week and the "surface of the sun" weather as Colleen put it), cleaning closets, yard work and fun family time.

The only slight mar was the misunderstanding of a couple girls in book club caused by an inadverant e-mail, send by yours truly. One girl wasn't sure if another liked her, asked my advice, and I promptly - and accidentally - told the entire group how she felt. Well, the two have spoken and I think that everything is okay now. I'm just counting my blessings as it could have been much, much worse. I'm talking mucho much and I would have to have withdrawn my offer to host the next gathering and never gone again. Yesh.
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