Christy needs to Blog: I just don't care

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I just don't care

So sweet Tonito Bandito, a lovely gay man with a lovely blog (lots of terrific eye candy), posted a comment on my post about the boy's vocabulary:

No, mama: I too was a fast learner and i was a girl trapped in a baby boys body! And we all know what that means when we grow up. Naw! Just kiddin'.

I was just about to write Tonito back when I thought I'd blog about it instead (so this one is just for you, Tony!). I've thought to myself several times, "What would you if you found out your son was gay?" I just don't care. It's not a life I would choose for him. Let's face it: it's a harder life to be gay. But if that's who he is, I won't love him any less. I won't try to "fix" him and I will continue to love him unconditionally. Period.
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