Christy needs to Blog: Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Well, I hadn't really planned on taking this weekend off from blogging, but somehow it happened. We were busy but not in the very unhappy, crazy way that it seems so many people were (and yet they found time to blog!). Low-key turkey lunch/dinner - Why do we call it Thanksgiving dinner when we eat it in the afternoon? - with my parents, no early shopping on Friday and lots of fun that I can't even remember except for the warm, fuzzy feeling that I have on this Sunday evening.

We finally were able to take the boy's photos for our Christmas card this weekend as well. We planned to do this for the past couple of weekends, but his balance is...well, not so good especially when he's tired. He has had unsightly bruises or red marks that might have some of the Christmas card recipients calling Child Protective Services on us (Of course, J could PhotoShop them out, but he wasn't in the mood to mess with it too much). I'll post a version of it here once we have it completed and I've gotten them in the mail. No sneak previews for those of you getting one in the mail!
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