Christy needs to Blog: "Blog about that!"

Monday, January 30, 2006

"Blog about that!"

Enough of this sad and depressing stuff. Let's talk about something a little lighter...

Whenever J says something he thinks is particularly funny - ususally something that has me in hysterics at the dinner table frantically trying to keep my meal in my mouth and not spit it all over our dining table - he looks at me with a suddenly serious face and says (you guessed it) "Blog about that!"

Well, I generally don't blog about the funny things he says, but since the man generally keeps me pretty entertained I think I will humor him and do so in the future. I vow to blog about the funny things that my husband says. Next time he says something funny. I know I laugh a lot, but to save my life today I can't think of anything he has said recently that was broccoli-spitting funny.

Stay tuned for a new episode of "Blog about that!" starring J and/or the boy to a Christy needs to Blog near you!
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