Christy needs to Blog: A third-life crisis?

Saturday, June 10, 2006

A third-life crisis?

Since I was a teenager, I've wanted a tattoo. A sexy dragon perhaps. Nothing too scary or too intricate, and it is a must that it be in a concealable location. My parents would still disapprove.

Despite the fact that I'll be a 30-something before the end of the year, I can't seem to settle on a design or a location and at the moment I worry about the possibility of disease while I'm still, uh, in the breeding phase of my life. I also worry about how I will look as an old lady with a wrinkly dragon on my body.

But. Yes, but! CNN had an article about 25% of the adult population having tattoos and had some really great info at the end about tattoo inks that will be semi-permanent. Either one laser treatment to remove the tattoo or inks that fade (reliably) with time.

Do you understand what this means? No "I put this in a bad place" (like those people who get funky neck tattoos) or "I'm not in love with that moron anymore" or "that sunshine didn't look like a Salvador Dali when I first got it put on my ass." I might be able to convince J that a tattoo might be sexy after all, as long as it is easily removable...

There's still the threat of disease, but I have a feeling that any place offering this type of solution will be of the more reputable facilities. Is this my third-life crisis, this tattoo thing? I'm (I hope!) too young for a mid-life crisis. Well, at least it's cheaper and safer than a Corvette.
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