Christy needs to Blog: You could sleep there. And I will, too. Just, um, not at the same time, 'k?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

You could sleep there. And I will, too. Just, um, not at the same time, 'k?

We have reached the first of the bedrooms. The guest room is the guest room because it is 1) the smallest bedroom, though just barely, 2) it is the closest to the front of the house and 3) it is right next to the garage. It is probably the least desirable bedroom, but still very nice. And since we live out in the sticks - you know, all the worrying about snakes, loose cattle and frighteningly large spiders - even guests will be impressed at the quiet of the country side at night.

If you come to town and need a place to stay, feel free. The bed is comfortable and I can tell you that from recent experience - I slept there last night. No, no quarrels in our marital bliss. I have a nasty cough that is worse when I lie down and I retreated to the guest room so I could cough as I desired and not bother J. Sucks to have allergies or be sick, whatever this junk is.

Anyway, the guest room. Would you believe that's a bed-in-a-bag?

Those cute little prints on the wall are for fake coffee brands. J has just been told to limit his caffeine intake, so they are mocking me right now:

That's the closet and a storage box. All I do some days is tell the boy to leave that box alone, so it is the "no no box":


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